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Street Definition: “Honest” is often a euphemism for “tactless” and “having no social skills”.

Example 1: “When I told that stranger that he needs to lose 25 pounds, I was just being honest.”

Example 2: “I’m honest, sometimes to a fault.” {You’re reading “Definition of honest” by J. E. Brown.}

Example 3: “People hate it when I’m too honest.”


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Excerpts from my book (in progress)

From the chapter on how to be obnoxious:

People are so hysterical whenever you speak the truth. All you did was mention to them how fat they are, or that you’ve never cared for their taste in spouses, or that their latest career move is (as always) not up to your standards, and they get all emotional and start having mood swings, like the truth is your fault!

— J. E. Brown

A Word about “Honesty.”

Often you’ll see personal ads and profiles that say:

I believe in honesty...and in telling it like it is.

That’s code language telling you that this is one of the many people who have confused honesty with tactlessness. Expect such people to frequently insult you. And when you get upset about it, expect them to blame you for their problem, by calling you “easily upset” or “emotionally unstable” or by saying “You pout about everything I say!” or some other form of abuse.

What ever happened to the definition of “honest” that meant “never hurting others for personal gain”?

— J. E. Brown


I’m just being me.

— Timothy McVeigh, terrorist

2nd edition 22 Dec 2007
1st edition 15 Dec 2007

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