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personal worth
  1. A person’s worth, value, knowledge, competence, skill(s), ability OR personal ability, social ability (ability to achieve or maintain a position in a social hierarchy), attractiveness, fitness for duty, professionalism, judgment, ethics, goodness, character, honor, honesty, alleged motivations, etc., or any opinion about a person’s class, creed, race, etc.; in short, the sum total of personal attributes in which a person may take pride or feel shame/embarrassment or receive a compliment. {Source: “Definition of personal worth” by J. E. Brown.}

Synonyms: {You’re reading “Definition of personal worth” by J. E. Brown.}

  • worthiness


  • unworthiness

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  • Attributes of personal worth seem to be the targets which abusive people home in on; see verbal abuse.

1st edition 01 Feb 2016

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