Tips on Writing Letters of
Reprimand and Correction

Had a disagreement with a friend or family member? Was he or she rude or hypercritical or abusive? Need to correct him or her in a letter? Sometimes it has to be done. Just be sure you follow the guidelines on these pages.

I know from experience that no rude person takes correction willingly. But remember, when someone has mistreated you, your goal should not be to appease them. Good manners does not mean letting people walk all over you.

Sometimes letter writers make a situation worse by accidentally saying the wrong thing.
They add statements which are unintentionally hurtful or which needlessly confuse or shock the reader.
Most verbal flames happen accidentally, just like house fires, and it only takes a moment of inattention to burn a relationship to the ground.

Examples of what to avoid:
Certain patterns of words arouse anger and tension in readers.
And so, when you write your letter you should look for and avoid: (next...)

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