The Rudeness Test — Part II

(continued from Part I)

Okay, here's a harder test.
I'll name an example of rudeness; you say what category of rudeness it belongs to. For example, if I ask "You want fries with that?" you would answer "Using Hard-Sell Tactics on the Customer." :^)

     5. "Stop feeling sorry for yourself! Get over it!"

     6. "You don't have very nice feet.... I'm just stating a fact!" [two categories]

     7. "Look at the people she hangs around with -- obviously she has Low Self-Esteem."

     8. "I love you." <long, awkward pause>

(answers below)

If you have a copy of How Rude!, our booklet, you know how to answer these questions.

Correctly labeling rudeness and abuse is a useful skill. You'll need this skill someday if you ever have to explain to your family why you got divorced or left a job, or if you ever need to convince your boss that a co-worker is unprofessional and not just vaguely annoying. If you want people to understand that you're in the right, you'll need to be articulate. You'll need a little book of rules that you can point to and say "See? It's explained right here, in this category."

Every good rule of behavior exists for a reason. How Rude! is arranged by category, to provide you with not only the rules but the reasons behind them.


(5) Insensitivity.
(6) Being Opinionated + Making Excuses for Rudeness.
(7) Disguising One's Disapproval As Concern -or- Pretending that someone's lifestyle choice is in fact an illness/diagnosis.
(8) Digging for Compliments.

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