About the Author --
and Why the Booklet is Necessary

When I was in my early twenties, I had so many bad relationships --
I figured I must just be really good at them ;^)

So I decided to use my expertise and write a how-to book,
to show other people how
they too can have bad relationships.

(Or not have them.... ;^) )

I took all the relationship-wrecking tricks and techniques I had learned --
some of which I had learned from others, some of which I had accidentally used myself --
and put them in a booklet, to help others learn what to avoid saying and doing.

No one provided me with this booklet when I needed it;
but maybe this booklet will keep someone else from going through the same experiences.

Do you have a friend who has a lot of relationship trouble? When you give him or her this booklet, you'll show that you care about good relationships. You'll be a hero and a good friend too. bandage icon, flesh-toned

    -- J. E. Brown

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