Underneath the humor, How Rude! has a serious message:

Rudeness ends personal and professional relationships. Forever.

 (But not if you know the rules.)

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16 full pages are available by mail.

  How Rude!  
  • helps you identify and avoid rude and abusive people
  • helps rude people see how they are offending others.
  • no picky rules -- no table manners -- just real relationship issues
  • only 16 pages (no need to read a 500-page book just to find the useful stuff)
  • and best of all: At $2.49, it's cheaper than alimony! :^)

When I was young, I had so many bad relationships....


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Reviews of How Rude!

When I began reading How Rude!,
at first I thought it was a booklet about other people's rudeness. 
But as I read it, I found myself saying 
"Oh my God — I've done that ... and I've done that ...." 

 — Robert L., Albuquerque 

How Rude! is a booklet you can leave out for rude people to find. ;^)



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