"I'll Call You" -- a Survey on Telephone Manners

It happens to all of us -- someone will tell us "I'll call you," and then not call.

Okay now, time to 'fess up....

Have you ever done this to anyone?

Have you ever promised someone a phone call and then broken your word?

Yes No/Can't recall ever doing it

If you answered yes, please also answer the following.

Think back to a time when you did it and felt guilty or embarrassed about it later.
Or maybe there was a time when you did it and felt you were justified.

Why did you make the promise? (Check all that apply)

I wanted to give or receive information to/from this person
I just wanted to chat some more
I was too busy to talk then, and wanted to continue later
I felt that the promise was socially expected of me
I was coerced into promising

Why didn't you call?

Note: Vague answers like these will not be accepted without explanation:

We are looking for new, original ideas, not the same old ones over and over. So, before submitting, please check the answer page to make sure your idea is not already there.
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How did he or she respond?

Mentioned it, but let it go
Was displeased


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Unique responses are more likely to be helpful,
especially if you have answered the essay questions ("Other").

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