"Goodness Me!" -- a Survey on Self-Doubt

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About your feelings of self-doubt --

About this friend or co-worker who caused you to question your own worth -- Did he or she shake your confidence in your own goodness? Did you doubt your suitability as a friend, your integrity as a person, or your maturity or responsibility?

What did he or she do or say that made you question yourself?

Nagging Questions:

Sometimes, the period of self-doubt and reflection is marked by a question you ask yourself repeatedly, like

Did you ask yourself such a question over and over during this time? If so, what was the question? (optional)

How long did you doubt yourself?

only a moment 5 minutes an hour a day a week a month never really stopped

What happened to the friendship/relationship during this period? (Check all that apply)

I felt less close to this other person
I felt something like grief or sadness
harsh words were spoken
no change, nothing unusual

In the long term, what happened to this friendship or relationship as a result? (Check all that apply)

No change
Nothing bad
I came to feel that he or she had done me a favor.
We are no longer in contact.


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