Apologies I Should Have Made

Have you ever said, "I wish I had apologized for that"?

Did you ever hurt someone, embarrass someone, slight someone, or inconvenience someone,
only to feel sorry later, and not know what to say?

They say confession is good for the soul. That's true, whether or not you're religious.
This survey is an opportunity for you to admit your regrets.
By unburdening yourself here, you gain an additional benefit:
You help other people who might someday be in your shoes;
you can help them to know when to apologize, or help them to avoid the need to.

What do you regret doing or saying?

What do you wish you had done or said, as an apology?

(Optional) Surely you've thought about this before -- do you know why you didn't apologize?
(Don't take that as a hint that you should apologize -- this is a survey, not a sermon.
In some cases, not apologizing is best.)

Finally, just to make it more interesting, does someone owe you an apology?


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In life, there is no "Undo" button; but when you click here, you just might feel, in some small way, forgiven.

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