Survey #9: Study of Account Deletions and Forum Post Deletions

We're doing a scientific study of account deletions and forum post deletions.
If an administrator deletes your post, profile, or account, and then refuses to explain, citing only a vague reference to the TOS,
please fill out the following form.

 Please paste the exact text which you believe got you into trouble.
 WARNING: You must send us the exact text of your post/e-mail/profile (this means you must save that text in advance);
 for forum posts, you must send us the exact URL (web address) at which your post publicly appeared.
 Sorry, but we will not accept descriptions in place of the exact text.


 Where did your text appear?
         in a public e-mail
         in a private e-mail
         in an online forum, at this exact URL: 

 What action did the website administrator take against you?
         deleted my post
         deleted my account
         sent me a warning (please paste exact text below)

 If you wish to add details, please type here:


    Your Contact Info:

        Your Name:                  
        E-mail Address:                 please re-type:    

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