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A short quiz for people considering a first date. Time needed to complete this quiz: 20-30 minutes Instructions This is a short quiz of general compatibility questions. Take this quiz if you are considering a first date with someone. This quiz can give you advance warning of incompatibilities and future disagreements. Rest assured, most of these questions have no "correct" answers. Your answers will only be used in judging your compatibility with another person, not in judging you. There are no trick questions on this quiz, but there are no obvious answers either. When writing each multiple-choice question, we did not embed "the right answer" in a sea of "wrong" ones. Rather, we borrowed all the answers from actual attitudes and statements given by real people, some of whom were like you, some of whom were not. Compatibility is a function of two people, not just one, and so, in order to get the highest possible compatibility score, you and your date would have to choose all the same answers. In other words, the "right" answer really depends on the two people taking the quiz. This makes our quiz more challenging, or more freeing, depending on your viewpoint.
People Skills: Which of the following statements are rude, verbally abusive, or tactless: You can't do anything right. You don't have a very good web site. This is a food discovered by the Indians. The total stranger who says "You need to lose about 25 pounds." I read that book last year. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You don't really have a headache - you just don't want to go with us. You're no fun. You're worthless. You're too honest. That's a stupid idea. That thing you're cooking smells horrible. There you go, behaving like a baby. You seem unhappy. I've noticed you working here the last few weeks. You must be new. Would you like to go out sometime? Telling someone who's working at a computer, "Stop playing on the computer and get to work." Check if true: All of the above statements are acceptable if said in a joking or laughing tone of voice. It's OK to be less tactful with people after you get to know them better. Too many people value political correctness above honesty. I believe in saying what's on my mind; people should just learn not to be offended by that. What psychology classes and books have helped you to understand interpersonal skills? J called K a dirty name. What should happen next for their friendship to continue? a. nothing, the friendship will continue as soon as this blows over and is forgotten b. K should just ignore the insult c. J should apologize d. K should forgive J Suppose in the previous example K responds by telling J "What a rude thing to say!" That would be: a. the rude thing to do b. the right thing to do c. K descending to J's level d. a and c If you would like to explain or elaborate on your answers in this section, please type here:
Character Questions Mrs. A has three apple trees. One year they produced 15 pounds of apples. So Mrs. A decided to make three identical pies and give one to each of her neighbors, Mr. B and Mr. C. Mr. B thanked her again and again for the pie, and later even told Mrs. A what a good cook she is. Mr. C told Mrs. A that the pie wasn't very good. Mr. B a. is a nice neighbor b. was only trying to manipulate Mrs. A into giving him more pies c. both a and b Mr. C was a. rude b. just stating his opinion c. both a and b The next year Mrs. A's trees again produced 15 pounds of apples. So Mrs. A decided to make three pies and give one to Mr. B, but no pie to Mr. C. a. Mrs. A's reaction was just her passive-aggressive way of getting back at Mr. C. b. Mrs. A is entitled to share her cooking as she pleases. c. both a and b Mrs. P invites her family over for Thanksgiving dinner. After having a few drinks, Mrs. P tells her children how much she disapproves of their weight problems and career choices. They leave early. Who ruined this holiday? Was it: a. Mrs. P b. the children c. both a and b d. It's nobody's fault, things just happen. e. I really can't say without having all the facts. The children are adults, and shouldn't let these things bother them. true false don't know Mrs. P. shouldn't have said what she said. true false don't know All's fair in love and war. true false don't know In any bad relationship, the last option or the least desirable option is: a. ending the relationship b. staying in a relationship with an abusive person Carl and Dean are 15 years old. One day while riding their bicycles, they stop at the house of Ed, someone Dean doesn't like. Dean picks up a stone and says, "I'm going to break Ed's window. He deserves it." Dean throws the stone and breaks out a window. Who is to blame? Is it: a. Carl, because he didn't stop Dean b. Dean c. both equally d. Ed, because he must have done something really awful to make Dean that angry e. both Dean and Ed f. Other: If you would like to explain or elaborate on your answers in this section, please type here:
Positions Everyone always deserves a second chance, no matter what they've done "wrong" or how bad it may seem. Suppose you teach first grade. Just one of your students is eating candy from a big bag. What would you do? a. Tell the child to put the candy away till later. b. Take the candy away and distribute it to the whole class. c. Take the candy away and return it to the student after class. d. Nothing. Taking candy from a child is wrong -- it teaches children that it's ok for the big and the powerful to seize the property of the small and the weak. e. Other: Last year, Ashley broke up with Casey because Casey beat her. Today Ashley learned that Ashley's friend Jordan is dating Casey. Should Ashley tell Jordan about Casey's past behavior? Yes, because Ashley has a duty to protect her friend. No, that would be gossiping. It's never ok to correct the behavior of someone who's older. true false don't know Mr. Jones is a self-employed appliance repairman. Mrs. Smith calls him and says her refrigerator is acting up, and can he please stop by? Mr. Jones works on Mrs. Smith's refrigerator for 30 minutes and soon figures out that the compressor is bad. "There's nothing I can do," he says; "You could have a new compressor installed, but the parts and labor would cost you as much as a new unit. If I were you, I'd buy a new refrigerator." Should Mr. Jones charge Mrs. Smith for the visit at his usual rate? a. no -- that would be greedy b. yes -- he performed labor, and work is worth money c. no -- the refrigerator manufacturers and repairmen are probably all working for one another anyway, providing each other with new customers. Mrs. Smith should refuse to pay. d. a and c If you would like to explain or elaborate on your answers in this section, please type here:
Misc. Questions Robbie meets her friend Stevie for lunch. Stevie is visibly upset, so Robbie asks what's wrong. "Oh, it's my new supervisor," Stevie says. "After my presentation, he lost his temper. He told me that my work is garbage. Then he implied that I went to an inferior university. Said that if I hadn't gone to that 'diploma mill' I would know more. An hour later, he made a drawing of a doghouse and wrote my name on it, and showed it to me. 'That's where you are,' he said, and he hung it outside my cubicle where everyone can see it." What should Robbie advise Stevie to do? What should Robbie say to Stevie? (Check all that apply.) a. Your supervisor was probably just having a bad day. b. He was probably just joking/kidding. c. That's really awful! d. You should just ignore him. e. You probably misinterpreted what he said. f. The adrenaline from your presentation is probably making you more emotional about this than you would normally be. g. You need to control your emotions. h. Are you sure you're not exaggerating just a little? i. You should tell your supervisor that you won't tolerate that again. j. Upper management needs to know about this. You should contact them. They may have procedures that can help you. k. Human resources needs to know about this. You should contact them. They may have procedures that can help you. l. Don't get your supervisor in trouble; being loyal will profit you more in the long run. m. Quitters never win. n. Whatever you're planning to do, don't. You might make him mad. o. Life is only as serious as you make it. p. I'm sure he didn't intend to hurt your feelings. q. The reason why it hurts to be insulted is not because it's actually hurtful, but because the incident reminds you of a painful incident from your childhood. r. You're awfully negative. You should be more positive. s. I don't believe in sweating the small stuff. t. Are you going to pout over this all day? u. When you get upset, you give away your power. v. If you quit, you're only hurting yourself. w. Just don't listen to him. x. Reactions are a choice. Michael has a reputation as a happy and pleasant employee. Over the weekend, his girlfriend broke up with him. Since then, he hasn't smiled once, hasn't been very entertaining, and hasn't cheered anyone up. Someone should tell him: a. to smile b. to work on his poor attitude c. to be more professional d. let me buy you coffee Lynn says, "I'm driving to the store for eggs and cereal." Morgan says to Lynn, "Watch out, there's a big pothole in the road today." Lynn says "I know." Morgan says, "It's just that I wouldn't want you to do something stupid and get hurt." Morgan's last quoted sentence is: a. an insult b. unnecessary c. both a and b d. purely an expression of concern Lynn answers, "Now you're suggesting I might do something stupid?" Lynn is: a. overreacting b. misinterpreting what Morgan said c. both a and b d. correct to stand up for himself/herself Spouse 1 comes home from work and starts yelling because dinner isn't waiting on the table. An hour later, spouse 1 asks spouse 2 to have sex. Spouse 2 refuses. Spouse 1 apologizes, but spouse 2 still refuses. True or false: Spouse 2 is likely still upset about what spouse 1 said or did. true false don't know Spouse 2's refusal is an act of emotional abuse against spouse 1. true false don't know Spouse 1 should change his/her ways. true false don't know Spouse 2 should learn to be more forgiving. true false don't know Spouse 2 needs to develop a sense of humor. true false don't know X, Y, and Z are new housemates. On Monday, X says "We should all go camping!" and they make preliminary plans. Then, on Saturday morning, while X and Y are packing their camping equipment into the car, Z begins to place his camping equipment in the car, when X tells Z "Oh. I thought you understood. This camping trip is for Y and me." What happened here? a. Z has been disinvited/disincluded b. Z misunderstood c. Other: I have been in the above situation, in the role of a. X b. Y c. Z There are no evil people; all people are basically good. true false don't know Happiness is a choice. By choosing to be happy, you are choosing to be moral. Therefore people who are unhappy are probably unethical. true false don't know After I get into a relationship, I will help my spouse/partner get organized by throwing away any of his/her belongings that he/she doesn't really need. true false don't know Napster's original business plan was ethical. true false can't decide no opinion Where do you stand concerning this quote: "If you're nice to others, they'll be nice to you." true false true of some people, not of others I was physically or verbally or emotionally abused by a parent a spouse/partner an employer I'm really tired of romantic partners: who keep saying "Tell me what I did wrong!" who think they need friends other than me. who think they need to meet my friends or family. I won't go on a second date with anyone who: talks about work talks about his or her ex talks about marriage talks about wanting children is judgmental uses big words folds his or her arms while talking to me earns less money than me scratches his or her head (must be dandruff) constantly criticizes others is sarcastic to me If an attractive stranger in another town sent me an e-mail, I would: a. ignore it b. answer it, but only to be polite; I'm not interested in long-distance dating c. I have friends in other cities. Why not? d. I have close relationships with people in other cities. Why not? When breaking up with someone, "I hope we can still be friends" is: a. a way of twisting the knife b. a nice thing to say c. don't know "You're not living up to your potential" is: a. a compliment b. a criticism c. don't know Which of the following words do you use at least once a month (on average) when speaking to another person? (Include e-mails, text, and instant messages. Do not count your blogs and web pages, as those are addressed to multiple people.) fake stupid manipulative ungrateful selfish self-centered or self-absorbed immature lazy pouting / sulking passive-aggressive jealous negative or positive (in the sense of "I believe in being positive, not negative") I was just being myself / He was just being himself / etc. I was just joking. I was just being honest. Accidents happen / Mistakes happen / Shit happens. team player professionalism fuck bitch video game football soccer game my garden wedding mutual fund mortgage nursing home sauté web server liberal right-wing [conservative] gay homosexual I don't watch television. Shut up (Corrected someone's grammar or spelling.) (Any compliment.) (Any request for an apology.) I'm sorry / I apologize Thank you I love you Good job! If you would like to explain or elaborate on your answers in this section, please type here:
Shared Interests: Getting involved with people you have little in common with can leave you feeling misunderstood. So if you would, please list any of these: your college major & minor, hobbies, interests, causes, pastimes, favorite TV shows, intellectual pursuits, outdoor activities, etc. (Do not list any hobbies and activities which you have not engaged in in the past year.) Are there any food groups, vegetables, or pizza toppings you do NOT eat? Lifestyle: In the past month, which of the following did you spend at least $10 on? restaurants coffee soda beer wine video games text messaging music travel clothing dating and relationships
Help us improve this quiz: If you found any question to be ambiguous, vague, needing more context, or needing an example, please list it/them here, and explain:
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