Privacy Policy

Comparisons: We at Relationshop offer the service of matching romantic partners by comparing their quiz answers. We perform this service only at the request and with the consent of both parties.

Level of Disclosure: Each time we do a comparison at your request, you will have the option of choosing how much detail the other party will see. You may choose between:

Copies We Keep: For your convenience, we will retain an electronic copy of your quiz answers, to help us easily compare your quiz answers to those of anyone you designate in the future. Of course, we will honor your wishes on this: If you wish us to securely destroy the electronic copy after we have finished working with it, simply notify us of your wishes at any time, and we will comply.

Privacy of Your Data. Relationshop may need to use your e-mail address or other contact information to contact you regarding your quiz answers. No one else will contact you as a result of you taking the quiz.

The payer name, contact and e-mail addresses, and quiz answers you provide will never be used for purposes other than those stated above.

Exceptions for Legal Process: We at Relationshop will release specific information about your account and quiz answers only to comply with a valid legal process such as a search warrant, subpoena or court order. Therefore Relationshop discourages the submission of quiz answers containing confessions of criminal acts or criminal intent, whether past, present, or future.

Special Notice. The Relationship Compatibility Quiz™ is an experimental service of Relationshop™. Thank you for taking part in helping us grow.


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