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    Use this form if you are considering working with someone.

Instructions: We at Relationshop offer the service of matching employers to employees by comparing their quiz answers (by comparing an employee's quiz answers to an employer's quiz answers). We perform this service only at the request and with the consent of both parties (the employer and employee). Use this form to request a comparison of your quiz answers to someone else's quiz answers.
To: Testing Dept., Relationshop Dear Sir, (other party's name) and I are considering working together. Would you please compare his/her quiz answers to mine and send the results? Yes, I authorize the release of my answers to the other party. No, I do not authorize the release of my answers; tell the other party only how many of our answers disagree in each section of the quiz. Yes, if the other party so authorizes, I would like to see his/her answers. Please ask the other party to take these Quizzes: Big quiz of general compatibility questions (required) General Questions for Hiring Supervisors Quiz of Computer Science / Computer Programming questions Fee for this service: $5 per comparison, to be paid by inviter. Your Contact Info: e-mail: Your Name (optional): Your Account Number: What's this? Your Relationshop Password: What's this? Other Party's Account Number or E-mail Address: Note: Some browsers and corporate intranets do not allow submission of forms. If you press "Submit" and get an error message (even after filling in all required fields), please print this whole page, write your answers in, and mail to: Testing Dept. Relationshop Los Alamos, NM USA If you press "Submit" and nothing happens for sixty seconds, try pressing "Submit" again. The home page should appear, meaning, very likely, that your answers got through. After you press "Submit," we will notify the other party of your request. When we have the permission and quiz answers of both parties, we will write you to request payment, and then we will carry out your request.

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