This is Bob.

Why is Bob sad?

Bob is bummed because he hired the wrong employee.

The new employee has a few problems that didn't surface during the interview:

  • He's sarcastic and blunt to his teammates.
  • He keeps fewer promises than he makes.
  • He frequently reinvents the wheel, because he's too shy to approach the local expert and ask questions.

Meanwhile, Bob's having problems with his manager too.

  • Bob's manager is sarcastic and blunt to his teammates.
  • He reminds people to "start" doing work they're already doing.
  • He tightens the thumbscrews every chance he gets.

Wouldn't it be great if you could pick employees by shared ethics and professional values?

Wouldn't it be great if you could screen your next boss or coworker for people skills?

When you screen new employees, wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to rely on mumbo jumbo such as the firmness of their handshake and the quality of their eye contact?

In an interview, no one likes to ask the really tough questions. It's awkward for everyone involved.
So wouldn't it be great to have a computer ask the tough questions, in the form of an online quiz?

Introducing the Employment Compatibility Quiz.
We do the work. We ask the questions. We send you the results.

How It Works

We ask the employer and the employee a series of questions, to see how well their skills and styles agree.

If you're an employer, you'll still meet new applicants in the usual way, by advertising a position and taking in résumés. Then you'll invite the best applicants to take the Quiz, to see how well their outlooks and attitudes match yours. Or, if you're a job seeker, you'll look for jobs and meet employers the same way as usual, and then you can invite your prospective employers to take the Quiz.

In the Quiz, you will be asked questions about your teamwork style and your knowledge of people skills. Keep in mind, in many cases there is no single "correct" answer to these questions; in matching employers to employees, we believe it's more important to match people by how well their test answers agree.

Note that we do not guarantee compatible matches. We do not choose employers and employees for you. Instead, we administer the Quiz and send you the results, to let you make your own decisions.

The Quiz asks questions that find out if an employer and employee have:

In short, the Quiz will look for the red flags that spell doom and disaster.

4 Easy Steps:

  1. Person A (you) takes the test (alone)
  2. Person A invites person B to take the test
  3. Person B takes the test (in privacy -- not with person A in the room "helping")
  4. Person A pays us $3 to compare the test results and notify A and B of any red flags we find. We look for important mismatches and tell you what those mean in terms of the success or failure of your working relationship.

Click here to see the sample Quiz.

When you are ready to take the Quiz, click here to begin.

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