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Instructions This is the big quiz of general compatibility questions which all our quiz takers must take. Take this quiz if you are considering working for or with someone. For strategies and instructions on how to use this quiz in your job search or in recruiting personnel, see the introduction page. There are no trick questions on this quiz, but there are no obvious answers either. When writing each multiple-choice question, we did not embed "the right answer" in a sea of "wrong" ones. Rather, we borrowed all the answers from actual attitudes and statements given by real people, some of whom were like you, some of whom were not. Compatibility is a function of two people, not just one, and so, in order to get the highest possible compatibility score, you'd have to choose the same answers as the person whose compatibility you are measuring. So in other words, the "right" answer really depends on the two people taking the quiz. This makes our quiz more challenging, or more freeing, depending on your viewpoint.
Questions About the Office: Suppose a computer programmer (call him or her P) sent a bug patch to customer C. A week later, customer C calls again to complain that the patch didn't work. What's the best course of action? a. Support staff should forward the call to programmer P, since he/she is the person familiar with the case. b. To gain experience, the support person on duty when the call came in should work on the problem, and not bother the expert. c. Other:
Office Skills, part 1 Team players always do what the team leader asks them to do, without questioning their orders. true false don't know Suppose the team leader has given the team a solution to a design problem, and asked them to use it. Any employee who takes a few minutes to investigate an alternate solution (without notifying the team leader first) is (check all that apply): goofing off showing initiative Other: If you would like to explain or elaborate on your answers in this section, please type here:
People Skills: Which of the following statements are rude, verbally abusive, or tactless: You can't do anything right. You don't have a very good web site. The total stranger who says "You need to lose about 25 pounds." I read that book last year. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You're no fun. You're worthless. That's a stupid idea.
Reasonable or Unnecessary? Rate the following remarks as "reasonable" or "unnecessary." When the boss says, "I've noticed you have a lot of pencils on your desk. Is that really necessary?" reasonable unnecessary
Legal Knowledge True or False: If two people have made an agreement, it's ok for one of them to change his/her mind unilaterally. true false don't know
Misc. Questions Robbie meets her friend Stevie for lunch. Stevie is visibly upset, so Robbie asks what's wrong. "Oh, it's my new supervisor," Stevie says. "After my presentation, he lost his temper. He told me that my work is garbage. Then he implied that I went to an inferior university. Said that if I hadn't gone to that 'diploma mill' I would know more. An hour later, he made a drawing of a doghouse and wrote my name on it, and showed it to me. 'That's where you are,' he said, and he hung it outside my cubicle where everyone can see it." What should Robbie advise Stevie to do? What should Robbie say to Stevie? (Check all that apply.) a. Your supervisor was probably just having a bad day. b. He was probably just joking/kidding. g. You need to control your emotions. i. You should tell your supervisor that you won't tolerate that again. k. Human resources needs to know about this. You should contact them. They may have procedures that can help you.
Shared Interests: One side benefit in working with people is having interests in common with them. So if you would, please list any of these: your college major & minor, hobbies, interests, causes, pastimes, favorite TV shows, intellectual pursuits, outdoor activities, etc.: (optional)
Help us improve this quiz: If you found any question to be ambiguous, please list it/them here:

The full quiz has over 75 questions and is 9-10 times as big as this sample.

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