Account Numbers and Passwords

What's My Account Number? You receive an account number and password when you sign up to take the Quiz, or when someone else invites you to take the quiz.

What's My Password? You receive a password when you sign up to take the Quiz, or when someone else invites you to take the quiz. We require you to type your password whenever you update your records with us -- for example, when you submit new account information and whenever you provide new or updated quiz answers.

We will choose your first password, but you may change your password at any time after that.

The purpose of your password is to make sure that each customer is who he or she claims to be. The password is proof of identity, in the sense that no one but the customer knows that password. In fact, unless the customer has been irresponsible about guarding it, the password is the one piece of information known only to the customer. So a password is like a key to an expensive sports car, or a key to a piece of heavy machinery. Please guard it carefully.

Look at it from your own point of view: We all have accounts which we wouldn't want our kids and in-laws and employers getting into. The beauty of your password is that it lets you restrict access to yourself alone.

We use your password to keep unauthorized strangers from accessing and changing your account. We will make no changes to your account unless you type your password first. We will answer no questions about your account unless the person making the request (hopefully that would be you) gives the correct password.

If you contact us with specific questions about your account information, you will need to use the special contact form (see link below) that asks for your name, account number, and password.

We will never phone you and ask for your password.
We will never e-mail you and ask for your password.
Your password should be used only on our web pages. Never type it into an e-mail, never speak it into a telephone.
A key goes into a lock, and your password goes into our web pages.
Before you type your password, always make sure that our website address is showing in your browser's location bar, above the web page.


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