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About Us

  • Test Your Skills. Can you recognize a rude person? Take this simple test.
  • Setting the Table: Our philosophy of interpersonal justice. Where do the knife and fork really go?



  • How Rude! -- a booklet about rude people.
    Can you spot abusive and difficult people before hiring, marrying, or working for them?
    Here's a booklet of warning signs to look for.
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  • Advice. Dealing with Rude People? Need advice? Try us.

Relationship Quizzes:

  • Proofreading for Civility: Are you writing someone a letter? Are you worried that your reader will take offense?
    Wait -- Let us proofread the letter for you first, to catch hidden problems with tact and diplomacy.

In the Spotlight: Surveys

  • Manners Opinion Surveys: Read other people's answers --
    see how they handle their relationships.
    Then take a short quiz, help us write the rule book

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