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22 March 2007

Note to Dr. Gail Saltz

[in reply to her appearance on NBC's Today Show this morning ] Dear Dr. Saltz, This morning on the Today show, in a segment on mother-daughter disagreements, you said "It's always better to talk." I remind you that verbal abusers take that advice every day, and use it as an excuse to say hurtful, tactless things. They use your advice as permission to hurt others. You need to think about your words and not dispense harmful advice. Do not feed the abusers.

J. E. Brown relationship activist Relationshop Los Alamos, NM USA

about the author

J. E. Brown, relationship activist, decided in 1987 that verbal abuse will be wiped off the planet.

He has been working on it ever since.

While writing a book on relationships, he occasionally designs online surveys and writes educational materials for this web site.

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