How Rude!

A booklet about rude people

by J. E. Brown


Has someone been rude to you lately?

If so, it was no accident. There's a special school where people go to learn to be rude. The students in this school are taught secret rudeness techniques, which the rest of us aren't supposed to know about. Before graduating, all the students are given a test. If they pass, they get their diplomas. But if they fail, they become valued members of society. :^) [443 bytes]

Successful rude people have a habit of making improper demands. They accuse us without proof; they ask for more and give nothing in return. They criticize; they manipulate; they make personal remarks; and they act like we owe them explanations.

To handle these people appropriately, we all need to be familiar with their tactics. Rude people count on us to be ignorant of their ways, so that they can trick us into believing that we're wrong and they're right; they know that's the only way they can defeat us.

Anyway, a copy of their teaching materials recently fell into our hands. We'd like to share it with you. We've added our own remarks in small print.

 -- The Editing Staff.


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