This is Bob.

Why is Bob sad?

Bob is bummed because he dated the wrong person.

Bob's new friend, Lee, has a few problems that didn't surface during the first few weeks of dating:

  • Lee is insensitive and blunt.
  • Lee has trouble keeping promises.
  • Bob and Lee have incompatible positions on marriage and raising children.

Wouldn't it be great if you could screen your next date for people skills?

Wouldn't it be great if you could pick friends and companions by shared ethics and interpersonal values?

On a date, no one likes to ask the really tough questions. It's awkward for everyone involved.
So wouldn't it be great to have a computer ask the tough questions, in the form of an online quiz?

Introducing the Dating Compatibility Quiz.
We do the work. We ask the questions. We send you the results.

The Alternatives Are Costly

The average wedding costs thousands of dollars. So does the average divorce. Marriage counseling can cost $100 per hour. Some couples could have paid us a few dollars and learned they weren't compatible to begin with! Still, most people would rather ignore the warning signs and do what's traditional -- and they pay for it.

About the Competition:

Unlike some dating services, we won't send you false matches. We believe the best way we can look out for ourselves is by looking out for you. If you and your date don't match, we'll tell you.

We're dedicated to helping soulmates find each other. Of course, some people are only interested in sex and couldn't care less about being right for the other person. We'll help you find someone who's sincere and stable.

How It Works

First you take the test, alone. Then (anytime later) your date/friend/partner takes the test.
We ask both partners a series of compatibility questions, to see how well their people skills and styles agree.

If you're dating, you'll still meet people in the same ways and the usual places. Then you'll invite them to take the Quiz, to see how well their outlooks and attitudes match yours.

In the Quiz, you will be asked questions about your relationship style and your knowledge of people skills. Keep in mind, in many cases there is no single "correct" answer to these questions; in matching people, we believe it's more important to match them by how well their test answers agree.

Note that we do not choose friends and romantic partners for you. We don't send you a list of new people and just expect the magic to be there. Instead, we let you find interesting new people for yourself, and then we administer the Quiz to them and send you the results, to let you make your own decisions.

The Quiz asks questions that find out if two people have:

In short, the Quiz will look for the red flags that spell doom and disaster.

4 Easy Steps:

  1. Person A (you) takes the test (alone)
  2. Person A invites person B to take the test
  3. Person B takes the test (in privacy -- not with person A in the room "helping")
  4. Person A pays us $3 to compare the test results and notify A and B of any red flags we find. We look for important mismatches and tell you what those mean in terms of the success or failure of your relationship.

When you are ready to take the Quiz, click here to begin.

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