Proofreading for Civility

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First there was Spell Checking. Then there was Grammar Checking.
And now, there's Offensiveness Checking.

Are you writing someone a letter? Are you worried that your reader will take offense? Wait — Let me proofread the letter for you first, to catch hidden problems with manners and diplomacy.

Just like those typos that you don't notice until much later, there may also be miscommunications and lapses of tact hiding in your letters. This happens because knowledge varies: we are all in different states of education when it comes to spelling, grammar, and people skills. We've all received unkind letters from busy or clueless persons who meant well but expressed themselves badly: apologies containing accusations; "harmless" words with unfortunate second meanings ... and frankly, how can we be sure we're any better at writing than those people are? Most rudeness exists because humans have blind spots to the effects of certain words. The solution? Let someone double-check your letters. You might not need all your letters checked, but it pays to get help on the sensitive ones.

I Check:
  • Personal letters
  • Corporate memos (to or from management)
  • Form letters to customers
  • Letters to the editor
  • Letters to difficult people
  • Letters of condolence
  • Apology letters
  • Love letters
  • Rejection letters
  • Complaint letters
  • Resignation letters
  • Resume cover letters
  • Letters you received but want a second opinion on
  • and more.
I Remove:
  • Accidental insinuations
  • Double meanings
  • Suggestions of incompetence
  • Accusations of personal defect
  • Requests phrased as orders
  • Possible insults
  • Ambiguous compliments
  • Anything that could be mistaken for sarcasm,
  • and so on.

Benefits of this Service:
  • Fewer misunderstandings and hurt feelings.
  • You get educational feedback.
  • I'll tactfully, confidentially tell you the truth,
    which your friends and associates might not be in a
    comfortable position to do.

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What I Do

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The Typical Hastily Written Memo.

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I'm not a therapist (most proofreaders aren't), but I do have a knack for recognizing rude and inflammatory remarks when I read or hear them. Often I can see problems that most proofreading agencies wouldn't find obvious. Still, you shouldn't assume that my skills are flawless, and so, I neither promise nor warrant to find all the potentially offensive language that may be in your letter. Also, even though I will do my best, your recipient may become offended anyway. You should keep this in mind: No amount of editing will prevent all problems. Recipients have been known to twist words and see insults which a more cool-headed reader wouldn't find.

Letters of Correction?

Yes, I'll even work on your letters of correction and letters of reprimand. Be forewarned that it's nearly impossible to craft such a letter so that the recipient likes it, but I'll try to reduce his or her shock and surprise. More....

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