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Relationshop publishes educational materials on verbal abuse and good relationships:
booklets, surveys, advice, articles, people skills training, compatibility testing,
and anything else we notice a need for.

Relationshop is non-denominational, non-sectarian, non-partisan, and anti-abuse.
Also, because most abusers refuse to change, we are pro-divorce.

Some people think "teaching civility" means teaching table manners.
Some people think "relationship education" means simply teaching abstinence to teenagers.
Some people think "marriage education" means spreading religious propaganda.
Some people can't see the signs of an abusive relationship until someone gets hit.
Some people think Yahoo Answers (and the other teenage hearsay websites) are a good source of dating advice.
Some people think it's ok to say anything to anyone at any time, as long as yelling and profanity aren't used — as if those were the only forms (or even the major forms) of verbal abuse.
Isn't it sad that most people's interpersonal education stops there, at the ten-year-old level?
To such people, we say "Welcome to the future of relationship education."

Verbal abuse will be wiped off the planet.

How to Set the Table:
Where Do the Knife and Fork Go?

I have no idea where the knife and fork go.
And it makes no difference to me, as long as they
don't go into someone's back.  :^)

That sums up my feelings about manners:
Some rules of manners are more important than others.


Relationshop is dedicated to cleaning up interpersonal injustice.

There will be no picky rules here. Relationshop will support only those
rules of manners that look out for people's rights and feelings.
To the best of our ability, all rules will follow from these principles:

  • Don't make anyone poorer than you have to.
  • Don't make anyone sorer than you have to.
  • Don't make anyone sadder than you have to.
  • Don't make anyone later than you have to.
  • Don't make anyone feel less important than you have to.
  • Don't make anyone feel less desirable than you have to.
  • etc.

Someone who is being abused
does not need to know how to arrange silverware.

Someone who is being made to feel small
does not need to know what color the bride should wear.

Someone who is being wronged
is not interested in matters of mere form.

As long as there are good people who, through unawareness, unintentionally hurt others,
I will try to help them.

And I'll eat my peas with a spoon if I feel like it.  :^)


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