definition of constructive criticism

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constructive criticism
  1. Euphemism for “Criticism which I am not on the receiving end of. Criticism which is harmless because it does not hurt me.”
  2. A universal excuse for tactlessness.{You're reading "Definition of constructive criticism" by J. E. Brown.}

  • Disapproval.

Related Concepts:
  • Lack of empathy; manipulation; nit-picking, tactlessness; blabber control problems.

Excerpts from my book (in progress)

From the chapter on how to be an insensitive jerk:

Be “Helpful”. Put your desire to “help” people ahead of your desire to see them running their own lives. For example, “help” them without getting their permission first. Or “help” them by informing them that you consider their actions “inappropriate”. “Help” them by pointing out a thousand ways that their lives could be “better”. “Help” them by pointing out their “flaws”. “Help” them by reminding them what a good example you are for them to imitate. See, there are lots of ways one can be “helpful”! Who needs friends when one can have patients? (Even a doctor has the good sense not to come until you call for him or her. Nit-picking ends relationships.) {You're reading "Definition of constructive criticism" by J. E. Brown.}

— J. E. Brown

How Adjectives Work.

Most adjectives have a limiting effect. When you talk about yellow dogs and sunny days, people understand that you’re not talking about all the dogs in town and all the days on the calendar. If you go out to the garden to pick a ripe tomato, a green tomato will not do — after all, you didn’t go out to pick just any tomato; you were only interested in the few tomatoes that could be described as “ripe”. {Read this comp1ete article at criticism.html .}

The word “constructive” is not that kind of adjective. “Constructive criticism” prohibits nothing, permits everything. People just want to flap their lips at you. People just want to criticize, and call it helpful afterward.

— J. E. Brown

1st edition 15 May 2015

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