definition of sense of humor,
definition of sense of humour

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sense of humor, sense of humour
  1. The ability to create new humor. It is believed that humor creation requires the humorist to put himself in another person’s shoes, to hear the joke the way it sounds to a listener who doesn’t yet know the punch line.
  2. The ability to provoke laughter in others.
  3. The ability to sense or identify humor, whether that humor is created by oneself or by others.
  4. Street Definition: In personal ads, esp. in the personal ads and dating profiles of those who describe themselves as “sarcastic” (i.e. verbally abusive), “sense of humor” means “the ability to be the target of my verbal abuse without getting upset like I said something wrong.” In personal ads, “has a sense of humor” is often a code word for “Doesn’t get upset when I abuse him or her (as if the fact that I abuse others is somehow a judgment on them and not on me).” Ironically, this definition of “sense of humor” is used by persons who can’t put themselves in the shoes of others, due to a lack of basic empathy.
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  • adolescent beliefs about relationships; bluntness; immaturity; lack of empathy; tactlessness

See Also: Verbally abusive people are usually in denial about their problem. See conceit.

For tips on dealing with abusive people who tell you to “Get a sense of humor”, see stoicism.

Red Flags: Words and Phrases Often Found in the Personal Ads of Abusive People

Abusive people have a tendency to project responsibility for their abusiveness onto their victims.
Expect abusers to use phrases like:

Also look for phrases like:

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