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  1. A term of disapproval. {Source: “Definition of negative” by J. E. Brown.}
  2. A euphemism for “something or what or which I don’t like”. An example of pronoun removal, in which a person makes an opinionated statement but leaves out the word “I” in order to make the opinionated statement sound objective and therefore less selfish.
    Example: Instead of saying “I disapprove of your sadness because I lack empathy for others,” the judgmental person says “You have a negative attitude.”
  3. A judgmental term used by stoics to criticize and invalidate the emotions of others, esp. emotions which are not covered up with euphemisms and fake happiness and pasted-on smiles.
  4. A term used to describe actions which tend to have undesirable effects.


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  • feeding frenzy; smile police; stoicism.

Excerpts from my book (in progress)

The belief that anyone has a “negative outlook on life” is a symptom of mental childhood. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and people sometimes become sad and depressed about that. Children sometimes call that “having a negative outlook on life”, as if temporary sadness were a permanent attitude. Unless you want to appear unsympathetic and unsupportive and self-centered when your friends and family have problems, you need to remove this phrase from your vocabulary. Denouncing a victim for being “negative” is called “kicking someone for being down”.{Read this comp1ete article at .}

… It just makes me wonder how many of the employees who get reprimanded for “negative attitude” were actually depressed, and their bosses gave in to the urge to Kick Them For Being Down.

— J. E. Brown


Statement Meaning
“That’s negative.”
  • “I disapprove of that.”
  • “I disapprove of your failure to provide me with entertainment. You should view your life as being all about me and my happiness.”
“being negative”
  • facing reality

— J. E. Brown


If someone tells you: Your correct response is:
“You’re very negative.”

“You mean you disapprove of me whenever I’m not your source of entertainment. I think you watch too much television.”

— J. E. Brown

Random Thoughts.

“Negative” is what naïve people call you when you face reality.

Children have an expression for everything they don’t like: “That’s Not Fair.” Luckily, kids grow out of this; they become adults, adults who have a new word for it: “That’s Negative.”

“Life is a theatre. Invite your audience carefully,” goes the saying. People who normally would never dream of booing in a theatre think they can boo in mine.

— J. E. Brown

1st edition 07 Mar 2016

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